The active break during working hours

The active break during working hours

The active break during working hours

Workplace health promotion

Whether it is to reduce the number of sick days, to gain an advantage over the competition or to increase prestige, workplace health promotion belongs in every company. Too much sitting, monotonous movements or a lack of physical activity are the cause of many long-term ailments.

Multifunctional possibilities

Active breaks on the WONDERWALL, for example, can break up the working day. Targeted training in different group sizes on the WONDERWALL can also counteract ailments preventively. Here, too, there is no limit to the variety of exercises that can be performed on just a few square metres.

The change of perspective – away from the desk or the production line – ensures an effective break, more attention and energy for your own workplace. Companies benefit in the long term from the physical fitness of their employees.

The WONDERWALL provides support, whether the company is large or small.

Success stories with the WONDERWALL

Therapiezentrum Daniel Thomas, Weyhe

Physiotherapie Heiko Lowak, München

Tandler Physiotherapie, Wunstorf