Frequently asked questions

What does the WONDERWALL cost?

The WONDERWALL is a modular system and can therefore be customised for the customer. The price ranges from approx. EUR 3,500 for a small module with a few applications to approx. EUR 100,000 for large area installations with a truss system and all applications.

Why should I buy the WONDERWALL?

The WONDERWALL can be used in any facility according to individual requirements. From a small module in the treatment room to a large installation in the medical training therapy area. It helps patients to quickly become active during therapy and provides a varied treatment routine for staff.

What do I do with the WONDERWALL?

The WONDERWALL can already be used beneficially for patient and therapist during therapy. With over 250 exercises from the following areas

  • functional training
  • muscle length training
  • stretching
  • mobilisation
  • fascia training
  • trigger point treatment
  • cognitive training
  • coordination

it is unbeatable in its versatility.

What distinguishes it from other multifunctional training walls?

In contrast to other providers, the WONDERWALL applications are easy to use. They can be adjusted with centimetre precision in the aluminium profile, which is integrated into the walls, to suit the exerciser and patient. It offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to lightweight applications that can be quickly converted by anyone at any time.

The WONDERWALL is installed at a height of 15 cm so that it is easy to clean underneath without the system drawing in water.

How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time is usually four to six weeks.

Can I have the WONDERWALL in a colour of my choice?

The WONDERWALL is available in over 250 decors.

Who plans the wall for my furnishings?

Wonder GmbH has its own planning team, which provides support with visualisation in your own rooms and offers planning for your own rooms.

Can I extend my existing wall?

Each existing wall can be extended individually. It can also be moved from one room or even into the new facility.

Is the WONDERWALL a medical device?

The WONDERWALL is a medical device, see declaration of conformity.

Is the WONDERWALL maintained by Wonder GmbH?

As the WONDERWALL is a medical device, operators are obliged to have it serviced. Wonder GmbH offers maintenance every 24 months. We automatically remind our customers of this!

Will I be visited at my facility to clarify questions individually?

We will be happy to discuss your requirements at your premises or meet you at reference facilities.

Where are Wonder GmbH products manufactured?

All Wonder GmbH products are made in Germany.